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Ride Safer, Ride Brighter with TailFlare

🚨 Stay Visible and Ride Confidently

🚨 Powerful Illumination

🚨 Perfect for All Biking Adventures

🚨 Stylish Design & Easy Set Up

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Be Seen, Be Safe While Cycling

Make your night rides safer with TailFlare. 

Its radiant light brightens your path, ensuring you're always visible to others on the road.  

The days of squinting in the dark or worrying about unseen obstacles are over.

Easy Setup, Instant Security

TailFlare is so easy to install anyone can do it in seconds. 

Prepare for unexpected night rides by swiftly adding an extra layer of security to your bike.

Style Meets Safety

Ride with confidence and flair, knowing you have a dependable companion to brighten your path.

The sleek design of the TailFlare adds a touch of elegance to your bike, turning heads wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Joseph S.

A night rider's dream! Phenomenal brightness, easy setup, and chic design. Worth the investment for a safer and stylish ride.

Christopher W.

A must-have for every cyclist. Exceptional brightness, easy setup, and a sleek design that turns heads. Highly recommended!

Anthony V.

A total win for night riders! Impressive brightness, easy setup, sleek design, and durability. Night rides have never been this safe and stylish.

Charles I.

A game-changer for safety-conscious cyclists. Powerful illumination, functional design, and easy setup. Confident and stylish night rides.

Michael R.

A must-have for night cyclists! Radiant light, cool factor, easy setup, and sleek design. A total game-changer for evening rides.